Amber Phoenix

Built for a young ladys 6th Birthday, I was inclined to move away from the faddy pop star, Disney princess, or pixar character designs and attempt something more personal and eternal.

Having racked my brain for what seems like hours, I settled on a design around her name ‘Amber Phoenix’. To personalise her bike, she has her name and amber phoenix decal set into the frame and wheels. Being an inexperienced rider, I tended away from a radical frame design and stuck to a classic light weight design with an upright riding position.

Amber Phoenix 7

Amber Phoenix 10

Amber Phoenix 9

This bike is based around a Giant lightweight aluminium frame with aluminium wheels, aluminium stem and aluminium handlebars. It is fitted with powerful ‘V’ brakes and stumpy brake levers for little hands, light weight fenders and chain guard for safety and a hard to come by 16″ ‘banana’ saddle. To finish, the frame has been filled with 0.8mm reinforced ply and the phoenix decal applied. Designed to be highly adjustable, this bike will last Amber well into the future as she grows and hopefully will be something she treasures always. Early feedback suggests she loves it to bits.

Amber Phoenix 11