Blue Tooth Lowrider

Another of our early builds, this cute little lowrider remains a popular favourite. Kept mostly original, we have however undergone a few improvement modifications.

Not the least of these is that the brakes have been updated from the original (very poor) cantilever brakes to more up to date mountain bike style ‘V’ brakes. The bearings, chain and gearing have also been upgraded to improve the ride.

Bowers Kustom Lowrider 1

The paintwork is a two tone custom mixed blue, heavily inset with gold 3d decals, stencils, sparkles all set into a lush shiny lacquer.

We went to town on the lighting system for this build with the aim of finding ways of routing and hiding the extensive wiring systems this involves. As a result, the finished bike has more than 95% of the wiring hidden from view. Of course as we have progressed we would do things slightly differently now and improve on that.

Blue Lowrider Bowers Kustom

Blue has LED striplights fitted to the front of the handlebars, the front forks (ahead and underside), the rear sissy bar, the underside of the seat, the underside of the rear frame and the underside of front and rear mudguards. For good measure we have also fitted a bluetooth re-chargeable music player.

Bluetooth Lowrider Bike

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