March 16, 2015

Built to Order


Powered – The three main power options are electric motors, petrol engines and of course pedal power. Electric motors have become popular on bicycles as a great means of power assistance. They can be set up to pull you along effortlessly or to encourage the rider to pedal while adding assistance. The latest generation lithium li-ion batteries are capable of around 30 miles and recharge quickly and efficiently. To hide the extensive wiring which invariably clutters the handlebars and frame, we route and hide it within the frame so as not to spoil the lines of the bike. A maximum of 250watts is legally permissible for a road going bicycle and 300watts for a tricycle but these restrictions do not apply to show bikes.

Bowers Kustom powered bike

Petrol – The basic petrol engine for a bicycle is a single cylinder 50cc – 80cc single cylinder unit. We like to be a little more ambitious. We offer a fully comprehensive range of engine options including twin cylinder, four cylinder and even a 9 cylinder 99cc radial engine. The only limit here is imagination….. Petrol engines are not UK road legal so are restricted to show bikes.

Bowers Kustom petrol

Pedal power – The traditional option doesn’t have to be the mundane. Obviously we can use the latest nexus integrated hubs, automatic gearboxes as well as the older retro direct drive systems (pedal forward for low gear and backwards for high gear). We specialise in turning a traditional gearing system into a work of working art. The set up of cogs and chains are a fantastic opportunity to achieve a stunning visual detail which adds to the look of many of our bikes.

Bowers Kustom pedal power

Electronics and lighting systems:

Here is an area where we can really go to town and get imaginative. Combine modern electrics, powered by the latest generation lithium batteries and the possibilities are endless.

Bowers Kustom custom bike

Features on this bike include…

  •  250w assisted drive motor.
  •  Rear facing camera with dash mounted display screen
  •  Heated seat
  •  Heated handlebar grips
  •  Integrated lights with dash mounted switch
  •  Secondary dash cam with switch to display
  •  12v car horn (wired into the bell)
  •  Integrated charging points to charge the batteries without removal

Other options available include satellite navigation, tracker systems and music systems.

Lighting is another great way to get creative and have fun.

This is the Disco Esco XL. So called because it has an integrated bluetooth music player, a beat sensor and lots of colour changing lights. More information and a video is available on its page here.

Bowers Kustom bikes_black red 9

Disco Esco XL

‘Blue tooth lowrider’ is fitted with the latest generation high output led’s. Read more about this sexy beast here. 

Blue Tooth Lowrider

Bowers Kustom bikes_blue 4

Blue Tooth Lowrider

‘Fat Brat’ is fitted with a high power ‘Cree’ front headlight and rear lasers. Check out Fat Brat here. 

Bowers Kustom bikes_silver 2

Fat Brat


Here is where we get really creative and distinguish Bowers Kustom bikes from the crowd. We have the ability to utilise all known, many unknown and some to be discovered painting techniques.

Metal flake sparkles: Difficult to photograph as the paint shimmers with movement. This is far from a new technique but none the less challenging to apply so still uncommon and very desirable.

Fat Brat

Bowers Kustom fat brat 1

Metalic Decals: These are actually a 3d design which are painstakingly set under many layers of lacquer until they are completely flat to the touch. The end result is quite stunning as the paintwork still looks 3 dimensional.

Bowers Kustom metal decals

Modern paints: All modern paint effects are available. Here we have an example of prism paint. This is a paint that is applied over an existing colour (in this case 2) which reflects all colours of the rainbow when exposed to sunlight.

Bowers Kustom modern paints

Glow in the dark paint: 

Bowers Kustom glow in the dark

 Here is an example of a dark candy red with light metal flake sparkles:

Bowers Kustom red metal paint

All candy paint, flip paint (changes colour with the angle of reflection) and pigmented paints are available. All combinations of the above paints are available as is pinstriping decals and artwork. The choice is entirely yours here and a great way to personalise your bike. In order to retain a durable, high gloss hardened finish, only the very latest top quality automotive paints are used.

Bowers Kustom paints 1

Components and parts:  With anything available as an option to specify on your bike, again anything is possible. As each build is completely unique our build process changes with each to suit your requirements.


For your specific build we may well and regularly start with a brand new out of the box bike. Using state of the art tools, we often we then make dramatic frame alterations to them. They are a custom re-built fit to the riders geometry and are tig/mig welded and re-enforced for durability.

A number of pre-built custom frames can also be sourced from specialist custom frame builders such as Ruff or Firebikes.

Bowers Kustom frames 1

The Disco Esco XL started as an out of the box Ruff Esco frame which subsequently underwent enlarging alterations.

Other options include using an existing frame or number for frames in order to fabricate the desired result.

Bowers Kustom frames 2

‘My Chopper’ was the combination of a Schwinn stingray and a full suspension mountain bike. Here it is having the rear suspension fabricated.

Wheels and Tyres:

Bowers Kustom wheels

The importance of the wheels can not be underestimated. As such we source parts from around the world in order to build the perfect wheels for your bike. To build the wheels above we sourced the rims from Canada, tyres from Germany, the spokes came from Australia, discs from the UK and mudguards from Holland. The front hub with the double disc mounts is an item that just isn’t available to buy. Not to be compromised we manufactured this one and re-built a rear to match.

Bowers Kustom wheels 2


Where possible we will use brand new high quality branded names like Shimano, Sram, Sturmey Archer, Hope, Halo or whatever is best for purpose. In the case of parts which are no longer available, we may need to utilise pre-used parts but these are all completely refurbished and tested. If this is not an option we would look at fabricating the part from scratch. All bikes are supplied with brand new brakes, bearings, chains and gearing.

Bowers Kustom bikes 1

‘Me Mams Bike’ has been retro fitted with front and rear Sturmey Archer hub brakes.

The rear also incorporates a 2 speed kick shift gearing system and a coaster brake. Utilising this set up improves safety by having brakes that are unaffected by wet weather and allows a rear braking and gear systems which do not require cables running from front to rear.

Bowers Kustom Me Mams Bike

A Shimano sealed bottom bracket, lightweight all aluminium crankset and Sram colour coded chain fitted.

Bowers Kustom Me Mams Bike 2


Again we have many options here. As a minimum we like to register our bikes on the national bike database, the police backed cycle register. This involves a sticker hidden somewhere on the bike to show it is registered, a unique number is printed on the frame in ultra violet paint and the bike is then registered with the police. The police can read the number and easily check the information held on the database about it. Transfer of ownership is completed online and is free as many times as the bike is transferred.

The next level works along the same process of registering on the bike database but instead of marking the frame with a number, every component of the bike is marked with microdots containing the registered information.

Moving on from here we can start to employ electronic devices such as motion sensing alarm systems which sound a high output siren if disturbed or even real time GPS tracking systems hidden within the framework of the bike.

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