Lovely Dubly

We we’re very pleased with the outcome of this bike given its humble beginnings and easy modifications. It started out as a Giant Dub which was promptly chopped in half and stretched out by 6 inches.

Lovely Dubly Bowers Kustom

We added an unusual set of 3 spoke mag wheels, a few lights to the front, rear and underside, we then sprayed it in candy orange with orange metal flakes and hey presto.

Ok in all seriousness nothing is quite that simple. The wheel rims have been hand polished to give a beautiful mirrored finish. As using the brakes would ruin this finish fairly quickly they have never yet been adjusted to work. Despite this minor flaw which we consider to be a bit like Cindy Crawford’s mole, this small/mid sized cruiser is certainly an eye catching, attention grabbing, popular little minx.

Bowers Kustom bikes_red 3

Bowers Kustom bikes_red 1

Bowers Kustom bikes_red 4

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