Mother’s Bike 2014

This build was a view into what is possible with the electrical systems on a bike. To start with it has a 250watt motor set into the front wheel.

It can be set to pedal assist which senses movement of the pedals and applies an assisting force, or alternatively it can be set to pull you along completely effortlessly with the use of a thumb throttle.

Mothers Bike Bowers Kustom bikes

Features on this bike include…

• 250w assisted drive motor.
• Rear facing camera with dash mounted display screen
• Recording front facing accident camera
• Heated seat
• Heated handlebar grips
• Integrated lights with dash mounted switch
• Secondary dash cam with switch to display
• 12v car horn (wired into the bell)
• Integrated charging points to charge the batteries without removal

There are a number of camera set around the bike linked to a display screen in the dash board with a switch set next to it to flip the view from camera to camera. Firstly is the rear facing camera which acts as a rear view mirror allowing the rider to see what is coming without turning around. The second is a front facing dash cam which records your journey onto an SD card, an invaluable tool in the event of a mishap. The third is a camera set into the dashboard viewing the riders face, this was for my Mum to do her hair and lippy in when she got to the shops.

Using motorcycle technology we retro fitted the handlebar grips and seat with heating pads. Front and rear lights were also added and all were operated through the dashboard with the simple flick of a switch. For good measure a more than audible car horn was wired into an innocuous traditional looking bell on the handlebars.

The biggest challenge on this build was not just to hide all the wiring but to make it durable and reliable also. To this end we manufactured an entire wiring loom for the bike running through the frame, handlebars, the entire bike in fact, which was completely isolated and sheathed to prevent shortage. This allowed us to have all the controls for the motor, heaters, camera and lights conveniently routed to the central dash board where they could all easily be monitored and controlled.

This build was painted in a 2 tone silver/black scheme overlaid with a rainbow effect prism layer with a pink pinstripe and pink sparkles. To finish the skirt guards, dash board and panels were hand crafted from lightweight aviation ply then stained and piano lacquered.