My Chopper

This was our first and certainly most challenging build to date. This is Gez’s own bike to Gez’s measurements with the objective of making something unusual, eye catching but most importantly it had to work really well.

Bowers Kustom bikes_coffee 7

  • 28 speed gearing
  • Full suspension
  • Front disc brake
  • Double spoked wheels
  • Led lighting set into forks and sissy bar

The Frame is the combination of a Schwinn Stingray, a full suspension mountain bike and a 14″ childrens bike for the front wheel. All fabrications have undergone extensively re-enforcement for safety and durability.

Bowers Kustom bikes_coffee 4

The gearing is achieved with a quadruple chainring crankset and an 8 speed cassette which utilises the final sprocket dedicated to drive the wheel. We could have built a less impressive bracket for the 8 speed cassette but opted for the hanging framework instead purely in the name of aesthetics. The cassette, derailleur and chain are Sram X7 which ensure a clean and quick gear change from the handlebar mounted grip shift. The front derailleur is operated from a frame mounted suicide shifter.

Bowers Kustom bikes_coffee 1

LED strip lights are set along the length of the front forks, the rear sissy bar and under the seat.

Bowers Kustom bikes_coffee 3

Bowers Kustom bikes_coffee 2