May 11, 2015


Fat Brat

The next generation of the Fat Brat come with 6 speed gearing and front and rear disc brakes. Pick your own paint scheme, lighting set up and any other options. They are available with or without the moon discs, any sized handlebars or anything else you want, we will build it for you.

Also available is the ‘Big Fat Brat’. A massive 26 inch version of Fat Brat.


Bespoke Folding Bikes (Mams Bike)

Please don’t ask ‘What does it weigh?’. The answer is ‘Whatever you want’. If lightweight is what is important then we will build it in exotic materials such as titanium and carbon fibre. If however you want a pleasant amble to work, then we would suggest options like the heated comfort seat, heated grips, ultra smooth internal hub gearing systems and safe reliable hub brakes. Weight saving measures are still taken such as aluminium frames, aluminium wheels and the use of carbon fibre where it is readily available. So even with the luxury options the bike only weighs in at a modest 15kg.


Stretched cruisers. (Disco Esco)

Do you think those wheels would look nice in gold? Well order that! Would you prefer it in chameleon flip paintwork? Order that. Want a much bigger sound system, gears, disc brakes? Not a problem….. you get the idea. The standard stretched cruiser comes in your choice of paint including the frame, forks, fenders, wheel rims, chain guard. It has a single rear coaster brake, 144 spoke wheels, balloon tyres and a sprung cruiser saddle. Handlebars again are your own choice but we will advise depending on the riders size. Speak to us we will be happy to help.


Lowriders (Bluetooth)

Perfect for children and ‘big children’ alike. Derived originally from the Schwinn Krate, the lowrider remains an all time classic. It was cool in the 60’s, it was cool in the 80’s and its still cool today. As standard it comes with a cruiser frame, springer forks, 20″ alloy 68 spoke wheels, white wall tyres, banana seat, ape hangers, mudguards and chain guard. Pick your own paint scheme, lighting set up and any other options. Perfect for kids themed bikes, VW festivals or cruising the beach on a summers day. Discuss with us your preference in personalising your lowrider.



As with ‘Orange Dub‘ or ‘My Chopper‘, these are fully custom designed and built bikes around your specification. We start from scratch when building these, sculpting the shapes, engineering components and obsessing about the details as we go. Here is where we have fun getting creative in making pretty much anything possible.